Actress Beverly Afaglo has attributed the rampant increase of actors producing their own movies and playing lead roles to the fact that Ghana’s movie industry is dying.

Beverly Afaglo
“I think the movie industry is dying slowly. If not, actors wouldn’t be producing their own movies just to keep being relevant or keep their passion alive. The thing is that, producers are not producing anymore especially those with the English speaking movies,” she said in an interview with ghkwaku.

Beverly also used the platform to debunk rumors making round that she had quit acting.

“That’s crap. Why will I quit acting? For crying out loud my baby is almost 3 years so is she that small that I can’t leave her behind and work?

“My first job after delivery was a job with Shirley Frimpong Manso. It was exactly 6 months after having my baby when I started acting again so childbirth hasn’t stopped me in anyway,” she added.