Ghanaian Afro Pop duo Ruff N Smooth is not too happy with Rapper Guru.

Guru - Ruff N Smooth

The “Swagger” hit makers claims Guru has betrayed them because he performed their single “Send Your Fire” which he (Guru) featured on in Gabon over the weekend.

According to Ruff N Smooth they told Guru not to perform that particular song because another event house in Gabon had booked them for $10,000 just to come perform that same song very soon.

However, Guru who according Ruff N Smooth agreed not to perform the song closed his performance with “Send Your Fire” and the duo wants Guru to pay them about $10,000 for using the song or face legal action.

“He performed a lot of his hit songs and yet he couldn’t desist from performing just one Ruff N Smooth song even though we asked him not to perform that particular song. I just can’t understand. He is wicked! Guru is a very wicked”, Bullet of Ruff N Smooth stated on Pluzz FM this morning.

According to Bullet the fact that Guru featured on the song does not give him the right to perform at anywhere and anyhow he wants.