Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

Radio and TV personality Valentina Nana Afia Agyiewaa popularly known as Afia Schwarzenegger has denied content in a 15 seconds viral video that is suggesting that she used certain unprintable words on the President of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramini Mahama.

A short video that surfaced online on Tuesday October 6, 2015 shows comedienne involved in a heated exchange with a cleaner at the Accra International Conference Centre washroom and this according to Afia is yet another mischievous attempt to put her in a bad light.

The “Kokooko” hostess have release a video message to explain what really happened. In her video Afia revealed that the said incident happened in May this year during the “Ghana Meets Naija” concert when she tried to use the washroom backstage.

Read Afia’s full explanation below:

“Friends, family and fellow Ghanaians It is with very saddened heart that I post this video message.

Before I continue I would like to apologize to the president of this country, President John Dramini Mahama and plead and again apologize on behalf of the perpetrators of this mischief. This video was made by  I believe, by editing portions of an event that stretched well over 30 minutes, involving a cleaner at the Accra International Conference Centre during a show dubbed Ghana meets Naija in May of this year that I happened to patronized with a friend and during the event we sought to use the washroom. When we got to the wash room this friend of mine that I was walking with was very upset with the state of the washroom, it’s with regards to filth. She dared to complain and this resulted in a confrontation between herself and the cleaner and my mistake or my crime or my sin was for me to open my mouth and just said to the cleaner to let it go and to stop the confrontation with my friend.

At this point I am strongly convinced that it was all premeditated, because this cleaner out of nowhere with no provocation whatsoever begins to throw insults at me, begins to throw insults at the president of the republic of Ghana, calling the president, my president and making statements that I repeated to him and it is in this repetition of what he said that really angered me that has been recorded and played back 15 seconds of that. What you hear in the 15 seconds video was me quoting, throwing the cleaners words back at him saying how dare you but unfortunately I did not record that video.

This 15 seconds video was posted shortly on a platform on the internet called that sort to suggest that I have rained insults on the president of this country and using words that are very unpalatable to say the least and Implying all sorts of false information involving the president.

But eerm this is a very sad day for me that people will go through this length to be so childish and insensitive and disrespectful to the highest office of this land. We are all not perfect we learn everyday but sometimes somethings overwhelm us. Once again I apology on behalf of the perpetrators of this mischief, to the people of this country, to the highest office of this country and to the first gentleman of this country and of course his beautiful wife and family. May the God of Shilo deal with them, may the God of MOPA deal with them and may the God I serve deal with them.Thank you”

Meanwhile a photographer who is seen in the video has also revealed to that Afia has narrated exactly what happened. The Photographer Edward K. Boateng who happens to be photographer said he was the one leading Afia and her friend to the washroom when a cleaner starting insulting Afia and her friend for complaining about how untidy the washroom was. According Eddy the cleaner accused Afia of having a sexual relation with President Mahama because she (Afia) keeps saying John Mahama is her boyfriend constantly on radio and TV. The photographer said he tried to calm Afia and her friend and the cleaner down but his intervention yielded no results.

He said he was going with Afia to meet and take pictures with Nigerian Singer/ Producer Don Jazzy back stage, when she and her friend asked to use the washroom before.