The new Praye - Cartel Big J and Kente
The new Praye – Cartel Big J and Kente

Kora Award winning Hiplife group Praye is officially back together but this time around it is Kente (Praye Tintin) and Cartel Big J (Praye Tiatia).

Rumors of their reunion started when the two performed together in Koforidua during a celebrity soccer event.

After several talks and considerations they have confirmed to that they are finally back together without Choirmaster (Praye Honeho).

According to a press released the two said the comeback was due to passionate calls from their numerous fans and influential industry players.

Read the full unedited press statement below:

The management of Broomx Entertainment wishes to officially announce a new era in Ghanaian Music. An era that was preceded with hit songs, awards and heart-stopping performances, fueled by the fans, their passion and love.

That era was however ended, when the three members of Praye, chose to go on their individual path, to find renewed inspiration. After many calls by music industry players, artistes and the fans, Praye is back. With a dedication to the fans and a determination to lift Ghana’s flag high again.

We seek to mention that both members of the group (Cartel big J and Kente), wish their ex-member, Choirmaster (Praye honeho) good luck, as he is unable to pay heed to calls for a reunion at this point, but would join in due course. We seek to thank the fans for their patience over the years and appreciate their continuous support. We are “Back like we never left”.

Meanwhile Eugene Baah aka Choirmaster (Praye Honeho) has stated in a precious that;

“If there will be a comeback, it will be business that will bring us back after all we have worked together before. But the question is who will pay for the studio section for recording, aside that, will our individual contracts permit any of us to work on other contracts?”

“These are some of the things we will consider. But it’s all good because some people do not have a problem with a split up. If you are working somewhere and the conditions do not favor you, you have the right to sign-out so I don’t think this has affected our fans” he added.