Former leader of Hiplife trio Praye, Eugene Baah aka Praye Honeho now known as Choirmaster has turned a cold shoulder to a possible complete reunion of the ones very vibrant group.

Choirmaster has been very clear about the fact that he has moved on and is concentrating on his solo career. He has insisted that if there is any possibility at all in the future, to work with the group again, it would have to be on contract basis.

“If there will be a comeback, it will be business that will bring us back after all we have worked together before. But the question is who will pay for the studio section for recording, aside that, will our individual contracts permit any of us to work on other contracts?” 

Even after Broomx Entertainment released a press statement on Wednesday November 4, that Kente (Preye Tintin) and Cartel Big J (Praye Tiatia) are now back together as Praye, Choirmaster said he is not perturbed. Speaking to Choirmaster disclosed that he has committed himself to a company Blueroze Entertainment for the next 5 years so joining the group can only happen after that contract is over.

“My contract will not permit me to be part. It’s a 5 year deal and I can only make my decision after my contract is over”

According to Choirmaster, he has being preparing his album all this while and he is also done so he is not looking back because I not sure how serious the reunion is and he cannot risk his career. He said he sees that reunion thing as just word of mouth.

Choirmaster posted the statement below on his Instagram page few hours after news of Praye’s reunion:

“The noise of the sea will never disturb the fishes from sleeping. Therefore don’t let anything disturb you, stay focus and determine to be on track on whatever you are pursuing in life, turn a deaf ear to every noise that will distract your attention. God will Change your Story”.

Choirmaster has released about nine singles including; GMB, Saved by grace, Pull him down, Obsession, Bedroom cheers, Last born, Turbo engine and Catwalk off his up coming 30 track album.