The stars came out and the public trooped to the premiere actress Yvonne Okoro’s new movie, Ghana Must Go.

The movie’s premiere at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra on Saturday January 2 2016, recorded a very large number of movie patrons than ever.

Silverbird officials had to stop selling tickets during the red carpet ceremony because there were no more spaces available in its cinema halls.

“Thanks to everyone that turned up for Ghana Must Go …it was so insane sold out premiere…,” Yvonne said on social media, Sunday afternoon after receiving congratulatory messages from contented patrons.

The premiere ceremony was attended by showbiz names like Nkem Owo aka Osuofia, Lydia Forson, Rapper EL, the Okoro sisters, Sandra Ankobeah. The actress is reported planning on premiering the movie in other parts of Ghana, Nigeria and other places.

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Source: NKONKONSA.com