Criss Waddle 2Rapper Criss Waddle has blasted self acclaimed Dancehall king Shatta Wale for being a traitor, a liar and an ungrateful friend.

The “P3p33p3” Rapper has disclosed to the world that Shatta Wale is not the warrior he claims to be after all and all his ‘puff pufff’ is a front to discredit other artiste and make himself larger than life, all in the name of fighting for betterment of the music industry.

In a viral video released by Criss Waddle, he alleged that “Shatta dabbles in juju to stop the shine of other artiste he cannot compete with,” he revealed.

The two are now estranged because Criss claims Shatta heard a beat he was working on and quickly stole it and used it for a song.

He also exposed that Shatta’s free concerts are not entirely free because sponsors always pay him. Criss Waddle poked Shatta by telling him that if he thinks he is a man he should go places alone and stop hiding around people.

Criss stated that because of he, Shatta Charter House has sidelined him because he supported him during his beef with them.

”I thought you were fighting for Ghana music but you are a self-seeking wee-smoking user”, he revealed adding that Shatta Wale does only smoke wee but he also uses other hard drugs.

Watch what Criss Waddle had to tell Shatta Wale: