Salma Mumin at Mutala Muhammad Airport
Salma Mumin at Mutala Muhammad Airport

Actress Salma Mumin has registered her displeasure over the just ended City People Entertainment Awards 2016.

Salma who was a nominee for this year’s awards speaking to at the Mutala Muhammad airport on Monday afternoon July 25, on her way back to Ghana after the awards, described the awards as “unprofessional and disorganized”.

According to Salma, she had information from one of the award’s representatives in Ghana that she has been nominated for ‘Best actress of the year(Ghana)’ and her movie “No Man’s Land” has also been nominated for ‘Best Movie of the year (Ghana). So she decided to honor their invitation to attend the awards.

Salma said she bought her own return ticket to Nigeria, booked hotel herself and took care of any other expenses for the trip without a word from the organizers but she decided to ignore all that and she still attended the awards on Sunday July 24, 2016 in Lagos Nigeria, sat through the entire ceremony, only for the organizers to blatantly refuse to announce the winner of her category.

Watch Salma in the video below:

“I asked one of the organizers that what is going on, what happened to my category because it has not been announced. So I don’t know whether I have won the award or lost it”, and according to her, the organizers told her there were too many other awards to be announced so she should wait until the official full list of winners is released in the media to know whether she won or not.

“So if you knew you were going to use a press release to announce the winners, why didn’t you let me stay in my country and wait for result on the internet than to waste time and come all the way here for nothing. I feel disrespect at the highest degree”.

Salma insisted that she feels disrespected so if all the celebrities and the media men who attended the awards from Ghana this year refuse to talk about this, she would personally take it upon herself to talk about it on any available platform because “If we don’t talk this will keep going on and on and on and nobody would stop it”.

Salma also used the opportunity to apologized to all her fans who voted for because according her she feel she has deceived her fans to vote for her for nothing.

Meanwhile, the organizers have finally released the full list of winners and according to the list, actress Yvonne Okoro won the ‘Best Actress of the year’ award.

Even though the Salma’s category was not announced, she went on stage to receive the ‘Best Movie of the year’ award on behalf of the winner Kofi Asamoah who was not present at the ceremony.