Actor Toosweet Annan believes there is nothing wrong with masturbation, whether it is done by male or a female.

The movie star who was reacting to reports that he records videos of himself masturbating and sends it to women for money, said he sees nothing wrong with the act, which seems like an indirect admission that he masturbates.

“What is wrong with masturbating? There is nothing wrong with it. 99 percent of men masturbates and if anybody thing this is not true, then the person is lying. Girls masturbates so what is wrong with guys masturbating? he asked.

Meanwhile, he denied that he was not the one in an alleged leaked video that went viral last year, showing him totally naked and masturbating. He said the video was edited for the purpose for which it was used.

The actor opened up on “Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix”

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Video by: Zionfelix