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Actress Roselyn Ngissah is advocating that movie industry stockholders pay critical attention to the risks involved in actors kissing themselves in the movies.

According to her, kissing in movies has its health implications, which include contracting diseases like hepatitis B, which is an infection which can be spread through kissing. It is, thus, dangerous to kiss in a movie with someone whose health status is not known.

Roselyn, who was speaking on The Late Night Celebrity Show on ETV Monday said it’s about time actors are made to immunise themselves against such ailments before they are allowed to act kissing scenes.

“I think what we should actually be looking out for is artistes immunizing themselves against hepatitis since you get that through kissing. You might play a role with someone whose lips are sweet but you don’t know what he or she is carrying. I think the hep- things must be checked,” she stated.

Roselyn was on ETV to talk about her role in the new movie, ‘Brown Sugar-The Wedding’, which will premiere on September 1 at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra.

She played the role of a wife whose husband has been cheating on her. Roselyn was on the show with actress and producer, Chichi Neblett. Host Foster Romanus asked the two of them if the kisses in the movies are real.

Chichi, in her response, said her kisses in the movies are real and she enjoyed her kissing scenes in ‘Brown Sugar-The Wedding’. However, she recalled an awkward moment on one of the sets of another movie when she rejected to kiss an actor, who she alleged had “saliva dripping lips.”

Roselyn, on the other hand, pointed out that she doesn’t kiss for real. Rather, she acts her kisses.

“I hardly do romantic movies. With the little that I have done, the first thing I ask is who am I doing this with it because it is very important. So I haven’t met any saliva dripping person yet but I always act kissing because a lot is involved when I am kissing for real. And that expression for real when I am kissing I don’t give it all out when I am acting. That is why I said I act kissing,” she revealed.

For her to, however, kiss for real, she thinks the system must get actors to immunise themselves before going on set.

Source: Daily Guide

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