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Despite successfully completing the professional law school, YouTuber Elorm Ababio, also known as Ama Governor, will not be admitted to the Ghana Bar.

Justice for Ama Governor, a petition seeking support for admission to the Bar, has been made public.

The petition circulating on Facebook with the username Ivy Enyo Nam on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, captioned: “She passed her exams, was so sure of getting called to the bar. She is active on social media and has a YouTube. A week before the ceremony, she has been informed she won’t be called to [the] Bar. Ghana!!! PS. Kindly help by signing this petition.

Popularly known on YouTube as Ama Governor, the complaint, according to a letter signed by Justice Cynthia Pamela A. Addo JA, Secretary, Ghana Legal Council, GLC, stated that she [Ama Governor] is seen in widely circulated videos engaging in what it describes as “conduct unbecoming of an applicant to be called to the Bar.”

Ama Governor was due to be called to the Bar on Friday but received a letter from the Secretary to the General Legal Council informing her of the decision but a complaint is said to have been received from a “concerned citizen” alleging that she ‘lacks good character.’

Her conduct is said to violate Regulation 21(c) of the Legal Profession (Professional and Post-call Law Course) Regulations, 2018 L.I. 2355.

The said Regulation states: “A student of the school qualifies to be called to the Bar if that student has […] (c) satisfied the Council that the student is of good character.”

The Council, Justice Cynthia Pamela A. Addo JA said had thus decided:

1. To constitute a three-member Committee to investigate the complaint and advise Council accordingly.

2. To suspend the decision to call you [Ama Governor] to the Bar pending the outcome of the investigation.

I have been directed by the Chairperson of the General Legal Council to inform you of this matter and to advise you to expect to be contacted by the Committee in due course.

“You will be given a fair hearing on the complaint before a decision is arrived at,” Justice Cynthia Pamela A. Addo JA’s letter dated November 3, 2022, concluded.

The General Legal Council has reportedly constituted a three-member committee to investigate the complaint from the so-called concerned citizen who is said to have cited a YouTube video curated by Ama Governor allegedly displaying “conduct unbecoming of an application to be called to the Bar.”

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