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Hiplife artiste Bright of Buk Bak fame has been accused of cheating after news of his secret engagement in New York.

On Saturday, June 4 2016, published pictures from a supposed secret engagement ceremony of Ghanaian musician Bright of Buk Bak which took place in New York.

After the publication, there has been several information indicating that the “Klu Blofo” Singer  is reportedly dating two fine Ghanaian ladies in New York at the same. There two ladies according to our sources in America are Jackie, mother of his two kids and Ginger who have being living with Bright more than six years now.

According to source who narrates the incident to, Bright incurred the wrath of Ginger Corbeil,(a very popular woman in the Ghanaian community in New York), the woman he had been living with for the past six years after reports surfaced that he had secretly married the mother of his two children Jackie. According to a comment after the publication Bright lied to Ginger that he was going to name his baby and it turned out to be an engagement ceremony.

In an exchange of words on picture sharing site Instagram, Ginger is reported to have questioned Bright why he deceived her into thinking he was only going to outdoor his baby. (The comments has since been deleted)

“You can’t really trust men. Bright slept in Ginger’s bed on Thursday night and discussed plans to outdoor the new born baby she had with her ex since he was being forced by the parents of the girl. As loving as she is, she willingly allowed the fiance and even gave him a present for the kid. However, we were all shocked late Saturday when we saw pictures of an outdooring ceremony turned low key engagement ceremony”,our source disclosed.

“What even hurts the most is the fact that he f**ked her on Thursday night and told her he was going to name his baby on Saturday only to be furnished with pictures of a traditional engagement ceremony later on Saturday”, our source said bluntly.

Attempts to reach Ginger Corbeil have so far proved futile but our source states, “she feels used and disrespected by the musician especially as they were already planning a wedding”.

Asked why Ginger Corbeil would still stay with Bright knowing he had two kids with a different woman and had constant contact with her, our source said; “I can’t tell but I believe she loved him so much. Everybody in New York knew about them”.

Bright is yet to comment on the issues as he continues to stay low key since the development.

Ginger Corbeil, is a socialite and the current manager of a hospitality home which specializes in “caring for senior citizens” in New York. She is also one of the reasons behind Buk Bak’s comeback hit single Kolom. This is not a story for the faint-hearted because it has to do with the love life of the almighty and ‘no-nonsense’ Amanda Jissih, ace showbiz icon and host of E-Talk on ‘Gh-One’ and how she was apparently used, exploited, dumped and given a broken heart by the love of her life, Bright Sparkles, one of the members of Ghana’s popular music duo, Buk Bak.

Bright's women from left: Ginger, Jackie and Amanda
Bright’s women from left: Ginger, Jackie and Amanda

In 2012, News One newspaper reported that Bright seemed to be dating three other ladies domiciled in the United States after he reported jilted popularly TV/Radio Presenter Amanda Jissih in Ghana.

According to the reports, two of the ladies were Ginger and another, Jackie. None of the ladies are aware they are being played.

As usual, Bright would not respond to such issues, especially when he knew it was for a media publication. Even when he was in Ghana, Bright simply described the reports as “rumours” when News-One reached him.

“Rumours are rumours, and people should keep talking,” he told News-One when it questioned him about Amanda.

Both Bright and Amanda used to live together in an apartment at East Legon in Accra and he promised her a lot of things including marriage. Then when he relocated to the States, rumours about the three other lovers popped up.

When Bright returned to Ghana, he was spotted several times with Amanda who also was the promoter behind his group Buk Bak’s smash come hit ‘Kolom’ hit song. Sources said the two were planning to tie the knot at the time but Bright secretly packed out of town and left for his US base without saying bye-bye to Amanda. She didn’t know Bright left town until a friend told her.


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