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Entertainment pundit, Mr. Logic has expressed his worries regarding recent remarks made by gospel musician Broda Sammy about the gospel music industry and fellow artist Nacee.

He claims that Broda Sammy is a “gangster” in the business and that he should “slow down.”

This follows Broda Sammy’s verbal assaults against another musician Nacee, whom he said was undermining his chances of winning a TGMA award.

He claimed that Nacee’s death would be the only circumstance in which he could receive an award.

Mr. Logic underlined that Nacee has done more to support other gospel musicians than Broda Sammy, citing Nacee’s accomplishments as a singer and songwriter.

On April 8, 2024, Mr Logic said on Hitz FM that the statement concerned him and that he hoped it was intended as a joke.

“I think he was just making a joke. But seriously, if it was a serious statement he made and he meant it, then he should be dragged to court. I was not happy when I saw the headline,” he said.

Broda Sammy, he claimed, would never be able to compete with Nacee on that level.

“I can state here emphatically that Broda Sammy is nowhere compared to Nacee. He’s nowhere as competitive as Nacee. Nacee is a songwriter and a great singer. Nacee has built more gospel artistes than Broda Sammy. Nacee has put in more work than anyone else in the gospel music industry. Broda Sammy, to me, is just a singer,” he said.

Broda Sammy’s competitive strategy and his remarks in public on his colleagues’ financial situation were also chastised by Mr Logic, who urged him to abandon his “materialistic” mindset.

“I saw another headline where he said that all his colleagues are broke and they are living in rented houses. The fact that you have built a house doesn’t mean that the other person may or will not build one.

“Praising vanity, praising material things and proclaiming how rich you are and how other people are broke and all those things. I don’t support this materialistic way of thinking. The industry should move away from some of these games,” Mr Logic said.

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