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Hiplife singer, Kwabena Kwabena, has said that the reason some people have not been able to develop a relationship with their fathers should be blamed on their mothers.

He explained that some mothers, most at times, compete with the fathers over the children, which ends up with the mother always being the favorite person of their children.

In an interview on Hitz FM, he shared his thoughts on how some mothers contribute to the non-existing bond between some fathers and their children.

“Believe you me, I am a father and how I feel about the children I have and how I love them, I don’t think any man hates their own children. So, if you find any man in a situation and position and it looks as if he doesn’t have a relationship with his children, or it looks as if he is not around, mostly, 90% is caused by the mothers. You are both parents so why should there be a competition?” he said.

The singer also stated that such a practice affected his relationship with his father growing up.

He shared that due to how his mother won their attention, he grew up not liking his father but he got to understand the whole concept when he became older.

“Speaking from experience, that is how I grew up. Of course, at a point, we all grew up not liking our father until I became older; until I became an adult, that is when I developed a personal relationship with my father. Not to say that my mum did something wrong, but I can only attribute it to that attention and that jealousy. And women probably don’t see the impact of these things,” he explained.

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