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Goerge Akuffo Dampare, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), has been under heavy fire from socialite, Afia Schwarzenegger for his work in the position.

She claims that Dampare has not done a particularly good job leading the police force, particularly in light of the fact that some of his personnel have accepted bribes to violate their moral convictions and endanger the security of Ghanaians.

Contrary to what some members of the public believe about him, she declared that George Akuffo Dampare’s appalling performance in office will go down in the annals of the country as one of the worst IGPs the nation has ever had.

Speaking during a TikTok live session that GhanaWeb was watching, Afia Schwarzenegger criticized IGP Dampare for detaining celebrities in an attempt to garner attention rather than concentrating on his duties protecting the lives of Ghanaians.

“They [police] don’t respect themselves, they will collect money and act like stupid people. Since Dampare came into office, how many armed robbers has he arrested? He is busy arresting celebrities because that’s what bloggers would report. The worst IGP we have gotten is Dampare. He is assigning policemen to the churches, when will he do the same to the mosques?

“We are not safe. He is more concerned about publicity than protecting the citizenry. When he goes to churches he would be bowing down to the pastors. Would he do the same to the Kwaku Bonsam and other traditionalists? Someone must tell him to stop that foolishness,” she fumed.

Although the exact reason for Afia Schwarzenegger’s remark is unknown, some members of the public think IGP Dampare is making every effort to enhance the quality of the police force.

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