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Ghanaian socialite, Diamond Appiah, is unhappy about the ‘fraud’ tag that has been bestowed on the leader of The New Force Movement, Nana Bediako, popularly known as Cheddar.

Her worries stem from Afia Schwarzenegger’s claim that Cheddar is a “sheep in a wolf’s clothing.”

Following the announcement of Cheddar’s presidential aspirations and the cancelation of his conference, Afia Schwarzenegger advised the public to proceed with caution while interacting with him.

She compared Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1), the CEO of Menzgold, and the commander of the New Force, bringing attention to their dubious motivations.

Afia further advised the public not to be fooled by outward looks, drawing a comparison between Cheddar and NAM1, whose operations encountered issues that resulted in financial troubles for its clientele.

Diamond Appiah, however, has strongly disputed the aforementioned statements.

She maintains that it is totally unjust to view Cheddar—who has never committed fraud—in such a bad way.

Since she has been in close contact with Cheddar for a number of years, Diamond claimed that he is not at all like the public persona that has been created.

“All those comparing Cheddar to NAM1 are jokers. Some of us have known him personally for years now and he is nothing like that. Has anyone heard all these years that Cheddar has defrauded someone before? So why do Ghanaians always like to tarnish the image of successful people with lies and pull each other down? It’s sad,” she wrote on Instagram.

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