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DON’T COMPARE ME TO DANCEGOD LLOYD – Dancer Incredible Zigi Warns

Ghanaian famous dance artist, Amofa Michael, popularly known as Incredible Zigi cautioned the public against comparing him to fellow dancer, Dancegod Lloyd.

Incredible who sat with Sammy Flex for an exclusive interview mentioned that people should desist from comparing him to his former teammate, Dancegod Lloyd because they have different purposes with regards to their careers as entertainers.

Dancegod Lloyd and Incredible Zigi used to be best buddies and danced in the same crew but have gone their separate ways and now compete as rivals.

According to Zigi, Dancegod Lloyd has gone off track with the dancing scheme after he added music to his craft.

Per Zigi’s assertion, the two craft that his rival has adopted seem to confuse people with who he really is and it is the reason why he believes both are towing different paths, hence people should desist from drawing comparisons between them.

He told Sammy Flex in an interview that he has been a strict and full-time dancer without any dilution with any other craft but Dancegod Lloyd has now doubled his game by adding music to his craft as a dancer, hence they are not on the same journey.

The “Kupe” dance originator also intimated that he wants to set an example for all who want to make a living out of solely dancing and because of that, he doesn’t want to add any other craft to his dance to confuse the young generation.

Zigi went further to say that irrespective of the fact that Dancegod Lloyd has added music to his craft, he believes he is making money out of the two crafts but he shouldn’t be compared to him when it comes to dancing.

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