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The Chairman of Doscar Group Holdings, Oscar Yao Doe has reiterated his call to the President, Nana Akuffo-Addo to fire the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, for failing in his role, by allowing KPMG Ghana, Nii Amanor Dodoo, Pricewater House, and others who allegedly prepared questionable audit reports that led to the collapse of some indigenous financial institutions and local companies in the country recently, to be appointed as Receivers for the affected organizations.
The philanthropist/businessman however commended men at the SIT for their professionalism and conduct during his visit to honour their invitation in Accra yesterday.
Oscar Doe also said he trusts the president to act fast on this development, unless he (the President) does not want Ghanaians to know he is in charge.
The Doscar Group boss in a post this morning touch on all these, as what went down at the SIT office yesterday. Read it below..
“Nii Amanor-Dodoo declared officially as a Deceiver-in-Chief  who led KPMG to cook fictitious audit reports (and) misled the Akuffo-Addo government to destroy Ghana’s indigenous banks and local businesses.
Yesterday, I appeared at the Special Investigation Team (SIT) Office to honour their invitation. Can you imagine the alleged Demand Letter, which Nii Amanor-Dodoo stood on to claim that I have threatened to kill him doesn’t even exist? The so-called Demand Letter turned into a Ghost!
Nii Amanor-Dodoo is now officially a confused Looser-in-Chief, and a big comedian. Wow! Ghana, Ghana, Ghana,.. Ananasem! Ghana has now turned into a comedy! Drama everyday!
He thought he could mislead the Police to harass me. He had forgotten that our Police Forces are classic and top-notch. The guys at SIT are honest, compassionate, and caring professionals who have been in their institutions for over 2 or 3 decades. They (must) have experienced many dishonest cases in their careers! I salute our gallant, independent state institutions.
I urge the President, Nana Akuffo-Addo to sack the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, for appointing Nii Amanor-Dodoo and other Heads of accounting firms as Receivers after they led KPMG, Price Waterhouse and others, (as Senior Partners) to mislead the Ghana government with cooked-up audit reports to take down many indigenous banks and local businesses, which has now brought the President’s  signature visions, ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ and ‘The Year Of the Return’to question!
Yes, there were iniscipline within our local banks. A child without supervision always go wayward!The Bank Of Ghana supervision was compromised and that’s why the local banks went gaga, like it happened in the US in 2008!
The best option for the President is to proof to Ghanaians that the bulk stops with him, and that he is interested in (finding out) the truth because of the Oath he swore to! I  trust Nana Akuffo-Addo to act! Who knows? Unless otherwise!
God bless our mother land, Ghana!”
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