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Hilarious comedian, and comic actor, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, often known as Funny Face, has recalled how the police beat the depression out of him.

Remember how Funny Face made news in 2021 for all the wrong reasons? Many people were talking because news of his arrest, court case, and admittance to a mental hospital spread quickly online.

After an interview for threatening to harm the mother of his children in 2021, Funny Face was taken into custody by the police from the Kofi TV studios.

This was the point at which Funny Face’s baby mama refused to let him visit his kids because of his aggressive behavior.

When the courts determined Funny Face had depression, they took him to court but ultimately decided he needed to be hospitalized for mental health issues.

After being released from prison, Funny Face reportedly shot at Kasoa after a fight, causing more havoc in Kasoa. He was detained and taken to a mental health facility.

During an interview on the KSM show, Funny Face confessed that the police beat out his depression.

“Ghana Police!  They are the best when it comes to beating depression out of you,” he told host, Kwaku Sintim-Misa.

Funny Face also jokingly revealed that he had given the IGP a new name because of his efforts.

“Shout out to IGP Dampare. I’ve renamed him, if you are mad, it will clear,” he said in Twi.

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