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Model, Jessica Larny, says she is quite afraid of the sharp tongues of the Ghanaian public, especially the way they pass judgment over anything they believe is wrong.

Jessica’s specialty is in boudoir photography but over the years she has done her shoots outside Ghana and her reason is that the country is not ready for such shoots.

Boudoir photography is a niche area within portrait photography and is a mash-up of portraiture, fashion, fine art, glamour and erotic photography.

For Jessica, the insults she will suffer at the hands of Ghanaians will not even encourage her to continue doing what she loves so she prefers working with clients in other countries who understand what the concept is all about.

“I have been doing these shoots for years as a model and from my little experience in Ghana; I do not think Ghana is ready for such shoots or for such pictures to be circulated.

“The insults and name calling and tagging can even want to make you drop your career. That is the more reason, the works I have done over the years are not for the people here but for clients and photographers in different countries,” she told Showbiz from her base in Nigeria.

“There are different types of models, whilst others will prefer to be known for swimsuits, some would prefer doing for accessories. These are normal here and acceptable but the Boudoir is not and so when they see it, they start tagging you a bad girl and pouring all kinds of curse words on you which is not fair,” she added.

Jessica also appealed to Ghanaians to stop tagging models as bad girls. “You see, modelling is also a career worth celebrating. It is something we do with passion and you have to love it before you can do it.

“It takes a lot of courage and confidence to be a model and a great level of patience to remain in it so I think models deserve all the respect,” she said.

Jessica is also an actress and has featured in movies like Stalemate, True Lies, I Do and The Table. she has also played roles in a number of series which have aired on TV and online.

Modelling however is taking up a lot of her time but the Heels and Sneakers actress says she is not abandoning acting.

“You know our movie industry is now bouncing back so while we wait to be called for roles, we have to get busy and these shoots are one of the things that get me busy as well as my masseuse company. I am in Nigeria for a movie shoot then from here, I will be heading to the UK for a boudoir photo shoot,” she said.

A graduate of the Central University College, she won the first Miss Teen Ghana at age 15.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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