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Renowned Ghanaian actress and television personality Gloria Sarfo, has been named the African Sustainability Ambassador. The PE Group, recognized for organizing the Ghana Property Awards and the African Housing Show, bestowed upon her this esteemed appointment.

She offers a depth of expertise and commitment to her new position as the African Sustainability Ambassador, having previously served as the artist and co-founder of Lace Up International.

Lace Up International has been at the forefront of promoting corporate social responsibility and environmental protection thanks to her leadership.

In her new position, she will spearhead campaigns for sustainability throughout the African continent, which will culminate in the much-awaited African Sustainable Concert that is slated to take place in the UK in October 2024.

The nomination of Ms. Sarfo coincides with a critical period in which the world community is turning its attention toward adopting sustainable practices and tackling environmental issues.

Given her ardent commitment to environmental advocacy and her formidable platform, Ms. Sarfo is well-positioned to significantly propel sustainability initiatives across Africa and beyond.

The African Sustainable Concert, slated to take place in October 2024, promises to be a ground breaking event that will showcase Africa’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The event hopes to raise awareness of sustainable real estate practices in the region while honoring Africa’s rich cultural legacy.

In addition to bringing attention to sustainability challenges, Ms. Sarfo hopes that the African Sustainable Concert will spur real action and change.

She wants to spark meaningful conversation and spark creative solutions to urgent environmental issues by bringing together influential figures from the business world, decision-makers in government, and the general people.

Encouraging networking opportunities within the African real estate business and facilitating cross-border cooperation is one of the concert’s main goals.

Participants will get the opportunity to investigate investment opportunities, share ideas, and create enduring connections that promote social impact and economic progress through strategic collaborations.

In addition, Ms. Sarfo wants to inspire the upcoming generation of innovators and leaders to adopt sustainable practices and promote goodwill in their local communities.

The African Sustainable Concert will celebrate excellence in the African real estate sector in addition to promoting sustainability. The concert will highlight people and organizations who are setting the standard for sustainable development and ethical business practices, from ground-breaking projects to visionary leadership.

The worldwide sustainability community is getting more and more excited as the African Sustainable Concert draws near.

Gloria Sarfo is leading the charge for this concert, which looks to be a game-changing occasion that stimulates group action to create a more sustainable future for Africa and the rest of the globe while simultaneously raising awareness.

The organizers of the upcoming African Sustainable Concert, the PE Group, have announced that the signing-in ceremony will be held at the prestigious Hilton Olympia, located at 380 Kensington High Street, London W14 8NL, on May 30th, 2024.

With this ceremony, the concert preparations officially begin. Expected to be a game-changer in the promotion of innovation and sustainability in Africa.


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