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Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright has recounted a harrowing experience she had several years ago that that terrified her the most in her life.

Bibi Bright revealed that she nearly got killed by a gunshot as the bullet missed her after her boyfriend mistakenly pulled the trigger whilst he was flaunting a gun he freshly bought.

Bibi Bright took to her Instagram page and shared a throwback photo that reminded her so much about her harrowing experience, saying this particular picture could have been her last as that was what she wore when the unfortunate incident happened years ago.

She wrote;

“Looking through my drive and I came across this pic from 2014.
This would have been my last picture taken because just 4hrs later I survived what would have been a gunshot to the head by just a few inches . My then boyfriend picked me up from work and before I got into his car, my uncle’s pastor, Pastor king who had just arrived from Dubai decided to just say a prayer for me before I left.. if not anything I remember the line ‘you will not die before your time’ 
Fast forward am in my man’s house and he’s is flexing with his gun ” registered” he jokingly pointed the gun to my head and I remember shouting that he should take it away from my head cs I don’t trust my house people, he kept laughing at how am scared of guns, he took the bullet case out and pointed it at my head again, I kept telling him to please take it away from my head then He said “don’t worry it has no bullet in it, see, then the gun went off !! Just a few inches from my ear.! Apparently a bullet moved up before he moved the bullet case! 
I remember screaming loud, don’t think I have ever screamed that loud again in my life but i could not even hear my self scream because my ear was deaf from the sound of the gun.
His friends rushed to the room screaming wondering why the gun had gone off. I sat on the floor and WEPT!! I remember He was also crying but at that point I didn’t care what he was feeling because all that was playing in my head was the pastors prayer for me. From that day on wards, I changed my mindset about Jehovah God, my heart turned towards Him and I have never looked back again.

Looking at how far Jehovah God has brought me all I can say is Thank You Lord”.

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