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I COULD HAVE COMMITTED SUICIDE OR GONE MAD – Mimi Michaels On 8-year Childbearing Journey

Mimi Andani Michaels, CEO of the Golden Movie Awards, has spoken candidly about the acrimonious childbearing ordeal that drove her to a dark place.

The musician-turned-entrepreneur, who tried to conceive for eight years after getting married in 2016, described a sequence of difficulties that almost cost her life and her marriage.

Regarding the difficult situation, Mimi remarked that if it weren’t for her hectic schedule, which she used as a front, she might have killed herself or possibly gone insane.

She said that rumors about her pregnancy were spread by people who were unaware of her medical condition.

“When you are married and not giving birth, people have their own assumptions because you are lively and bubbly. Your problems don’t show on you so people think you’re alright. I was working on Golden Movie Awards and doing other things so people think I am not serious with giving birth.

“I have heard a lot about such stories but you don’t know what I went through. People don’t know that keeping myself busy with work was just a veil. I could’ve committed suicide or even gone mad. It is not a small thing,” she stated in an interview with Zionfelix.

Establishing the root cause of her childbearing complications, Mimi said she suffers a type of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) that makes it extremely difficult to ovulate unless her ovaries are poked.

“I have gotten pregnant three times, I had a chemical pregnancy. As for the miscarriage, I could go as long as five and four months to lose the pregnancy. A lot I can’t even share. I am that type of woman who ovulates twice a year or three times a year. So, if I miss those times, I miss out on having a baby for the entire year. It’s called PCOS. Naturally, I could have eggs but I won’t ovulate. Unless they burst the eggs before I could ovulate and I did this process three times. The third time, I had to travel out to save my baby,” she added.

In March 2022, Mimi and her husband, Nana Michaels, welcomed a baby girl in Spain.

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