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One month, one country! That is what actress Moesha Babiinoti Boduong seems to be up to since the beginning of the year.

The curvaceous actress who has not been very busy on the screens lately has been on vacations to about eight countries.

Her pictures on Instagram showing her ‘chilaxing’ in France, Turkey, Dubai, India, Amsterdam, Nigeria, Mauritius and South Africa have raised questions about how she funds her globetrotting spree.

While some have defended her, saying she pays for her trips from the money she earns from the small roles she plays in movies, others are of the view that she sleeps around to support lavish lifestyle but the actress denies the latter.

“I don’t sleep around to make money for the kind of life I’m living, why would I sleep around and for what? It is not true. I love to see the world and I will not wait to have everything going smoothly before I take a break to see the world.

“I do get some comments on my social media pages asking if I make my money from the movies, and today I want to answer them. I do not only rely on the movies for a living but it is certainly not moving from one man to another,” Moesha said in an interview with Showbiz.

“Apart from the movies, I model for some clients For example, before my recent travel to Europe, I did some works for Zylofon Media and I was paid, I’m also into the sale of waist trainers and other things and my boyfriend supports me. These are my sources of income,” she continued.

She added, “Ghanaians love to work so hard and get so much before taking rest but for me, it is different, if I work and make some money, I pay my bills and I if i have some left, I take a break and relax. This is Moesha for you.”

According to Moesha, the fact that people do not see her on their screens like others actresses does not mean she is not working.

“People think I’m doing nothing just because I am not in their faces when it comes to movies but hey, I’m working. I have works that are yet to be premiered. As we are talking, I’m on the set of a new movie called Heroes so it is not like there is nothing happening in my life.”

The Cocoa Brown actress who has signed on to a two year deal with V – Mark, a cosmetic product that clears stretch marks expressed gratitude for the deal.

“I am grateful I was chosen, it has been an amazing deal and the cream is really good. What happened was I actually tried it for like three months and it worked. Then I felt it would be something good on the market so i signed the contract. I thank God for that grace.”

Miss Boduong jokingly ‘rubbished’ comments passed by television host delay about her travelling lifestyle saying that, “its funny, I didn’t take it personal.”

Moesha, 26 has acted in movies like, Pool Party, Bloodline, Grey Dawn, Rape Case, Cocoa Brown, Amakye and Dede, John and John and everyday People.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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