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I HAVE NEVER HATED ANYONE IN MY LIFE – Gloria Sarfo Replies Yvonne Nelson

Award-winning Ghanaian actress Gloria Sarfo has responded to hate claims made by Yvonne Nelson against her in their rending banter on social media.

Yvonne Nelson has made a series of tweets in that past few days calling out the players in the Ghanaian entertainment players for being unsupportive, full of hate and jealousy.

Gloria stated on Instagram that the hate claim levelled against her was not a trait she ascribed to.

“I have NEVER HATED on anybody in my life, NOT EVEN my WORST ENEMY, or even THOSE WHO HURT, AND SPITE me IN MY FACE, NEVER! (That’s why I mostly pity those who think I would have issues with them, simply because of how they feel and act towards me)”, she wrote.

According to the actress, hate was a very strong word and a powerful tool that contributes to failure in life, hence she always seeks to avoid that word.

She further stated emphatically that she was in a competition with no one.

“I AM NOT IN COMPETITION with anybody, regardless who you are. The ONLY PERSON I’M IN COMPETITION with is MY OLD Self I GROW through what I GO THROUGH!!” she wrote.

She further stated that even though she had being despised and called names, she did not fret as she still receives movie roles from “DISCERNING” producers who believed in her “PURE TALENT” and chooses “PROFESSIONALISM” over “FAMILIARITY”.

She advised her colleagues to be humble because humility was the key to success.



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