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The unsettling rumors that Maa Adwoa’s mother pushed her daughter to “chop” Inspector Ahmed’s money and then dump him after getting what she wants have been explicitly denied by her.

This comes after a viral tape yesterday claimed that the mother had discussed using ‘Inspector Ahmed’ for Mr. Otua’s services with her deceased daughter.

The intimate source claims that Maa Adwoa’s mother was fully informed of her daughter’s double dating.

He explained that Maa Adwoa’s and her mother planned to use Inspector Ahmed for ‘Mr Otua’ services – Because Maa Adwoa never loved him and was planning to relocate to the US to stay with her baby daddy.

As alleged by the insider, the police inspector spent huge sums of money plus expensive gifts on Maa Adwoa, her daughter and her mother just to make them comfortable because she had told him she was no longer with her abroad-based boyfriend.

While Maa Adwoa was busily double dating and spending the police inspector’s money, her innocent abroad-based boyfriend was also preparing her documents to get her relocated to the US.

Reacting to these deep allegations, Maa Adwoa’s mother claimed in an interview that she never knew that her daughter was dating Inspector Ahmed.

According to her, although Inspector Ahmed used to come to their house to visit her daughter but she thought they were just friends and not in any form of romantic relationship.

The mourning mother also claimed that if not for this incident, she never even knew Inspector Ahmed’s name.

She additionally added that Inspector Ahmed was too toxic reason her daughter decided to end her affair with him.

Watch the video below to know more…

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