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Ice Prince and girlfriend 2

BET Award winning Nigerian Rapper Ice Prince is currently in a dilemma over a cheating allegation in his relationship with the love of his life, Maima Nkewa.

The “Oleku” Rapper’s Ghanaian girlfriend has been accused of cheating on him with a married man. A couple of days ago an Instagram user accused Ice Prince Zamani’s girlfriend, Maima of cheating on him.

The user even went ahead to publish “photo proof” that placed Maima in the same location with another man from their individual Instagram accounts. The Instagram user, @akinbods, had posted a number of pictures from the same locations, with Akinbode even posting of himself together with Maima.

Akinbods and Maima
Akinbods and Maima
Akinbods also shared this at another location with Maima
Akinbods also shared this at another location with Maima

The Choc City star took to twitter to laugh off the rumours. On Sunday, January 17, Ice Prince reacted to the reports saying he was ‘upset’. From his tweets it seemed Ice Prince was still in a relationship with Maima Nkewa despite the stories and picture evidence.

Just a couple of days after laughing off the cheating rumours about his girlfriend Maima and defending her on social media, Ice Prince seems to have had a turn-around about his feelings and has been saying quite a lot of things on Twitter.

Now, Ice Prince is hinting that he has broken up with her perhaps because he did some personal research and maybe he finally confirmed the cheating rumors. Monday night (January 18), the rapper dropped a few tweets which suggest it is over between him and Maima. Ice Prince has since Tuesday January 19 been silent on social media which is further fueling rumours of their split.

The couple has been really public about their love for the past couple of weeks from Maima appearing in Ice Prince’s “Feelings” video to Maima calling him her hubby on social media.

Ice Prince started dating Maima Nkewa in late 2014. On numerous occasions he flaunted her on social media. She played his love interest in his latest video ‘Feelings’.

It is still not clear if the love birds are still together or not.

Watch Ice Prince and Maima in “Feelings”:




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