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Actress Irene Opare has blamed the Ghanaian society over the influx of nude pictures and videos of women in the country.

Not long ago, social media influencer Akuapem Polo was incriminated for posting on her social media handle a nude picture of herself standing in front of her son to mark his birthday.

Something that seemed to be an action to celebrate her toils and how she has been able to raise the kid by herself took a turn for the worse when a child rights organization reported her to the Gender Minister and the Police.

Akuapem Polo posting her nude picture is just a fraction of the nude postings on social media as it has become a new normal for most ladies, popularly called ‘slay queens’, to pose nude to attract social media following and/or earn a living.

Speaking in an interview with, Irene Opare was of the view that it is of no fault of nude women to go nude stressing it is the society that has empowered them.

To her, should the society or their social media followers frown on the act, this trend of going nude will stop.

“If they go naked and don’t get likes. If they don’t 150000 likes, they will stop undressing themselves. They will know the people don’t like it. But if she dresses up and gets 150000 likes, she will start putting on dress. Do you get it? But if she goes nude and people compliment her telling her how nice her body, stomach, buttocks and breasts are, and people say it and give them money; you know, so that’s why they do it. I don’t blame them. That’s where the society is now. That’s what the society wants, so they’re giving it to you.’’

She stated categorically that she sees nothing wrong with a lady going nude to make ends meet.

“…they’re big girls. They’re not twelve years. If it’s someone who is aged 10, 11 or 12 and I see her nude, I will go to here house personally and beat her. But these are big girls, when someone reaches 18 years; she is old. And like I always tell them that this is their world. Our world was different. This is your world, social media and so forth; use it positively to make money out of it. But most of them choose to go nude negatively, do stuff negatively and they still make money out of it.

“Because it’s like this is what the current generation likes. That’s why these girls go nude. Because they go nude and they make billions out of the nudity. It’s not good. I haven’t said it is right but for me, as a woman, I won’t criticise it too much because it is their decision…You do what you like. They’re not children; they’re grown up and they feel this is what gets them money, fame and that is it. So, they do it more and they’re still doing it, and I have less to talk about it.’’

Nonetheless, she emphasised that “I won’t advise my child to go nude. If I see my child has gone nude, I will call her and say ‘hey, no way!’ Me, personally, I would not advise anybody to do it but like I’m saying they’re old enough to know what is good and what is bad. If they choose to do that to make money, fine, that’s their choice. I don’t have anything against them.’’.

Watch the full exclusive interview below:

Source: An Exclusive 

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