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‘IT’S NOT TRUE MY WIFE TOOK EVERYTHING, AND I’M NOT BROKE’- Emmanuel Eboue Speaks On Divorce- Emmanuel Eboue Speaks On Divorce

Retired Ivorian footballer and former Arsenal defender Emmanuel Eboue has finally responded to rumours that he went completely broke and bankrupt after his white wife, Aurelie Bertrand divorced her.

You would recall that Emmanuel Eboue separated from his wife barely five years ago and his white wife was alleged to have stripped him off all his assets in England.

The Ivorian was reportedly rendered homeless and struggled to find daily bread having lost every bit of his wealth to his ex-wife Aurelie Bertrand. It was also widely circulated that he had nowhere to sleep and depended solely on his friends for shelter.

However, speaking to Kofi Mensah of Empire FM in an interview monitored by, the football legend debunked claims that he is broke and left with nothing.

“When [people] say Emmanuel Eboue lost everything, it’s not nice…

“Because I had a divorce [case] and they [court] said my wife won, they gave her all my properties – my two houses, money and the cars that I had in England.

“I wasn’t worried about it because I expected that she was going to use it to take care of my children.

Eboue further revealed that he battled depression from the divorce ruling.

“When they [court] said that, I was very disappointed… To be honest, for the first time, I was very down but after that, I prayed and forgot about all of that.”

He continued: “So after that, I left and returned back to Africa. I have my own properties in Africa and so I live with that.


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