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Ofori Amponsah
Ofori Amponsah

Ghana’s onetime Rap heavyweight champion turned pastor Evangelist Lord Kenya has condemned Prophet Ofori Amponsah’s sudden u-turn to go back to Highlife music.

Kenya said Ofori told the world in 2012 that he had been called by God and that he was not going back to Highlife music so he cannot understand why he (Ofori) is going back to sing worldly songs.

An emotional Lord Kenya speaking of Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” said he feels sad how his brother Ofori Amponsah is being ridiculed in the media after he released his latest single “Alewa” featuring Sarkodie.

Lord Kenya is convinced that there is something definitely wrong somewhere responsible for Ofori’s current situation.

“I feel sad how this issue is out there and everybody is saying what they like and I keep asking myself what has happened in my brother Kwame Ofori’s Amponsah’s life because there is something wrong somewhere”.

Lord Kenya said Ofori Amponsah called him in 2012 to tell him that he (Ofori) feel deep within him that he wants to do the work of God. He said he met Ofori, prayed for him and introduced him to one Bishop O. Ansah who helped them spiritually and even financially. Kenya admitted that worshiping God is sometimes very difficult “but what can stand between you and your God”, quoting Romans 8:35.

He believes some forces are pushing Ofori’s current double standards situation and he (Ofori) is allowing himself to be used. Evangelist Kenya warned Ofori Amponsah live on radio“Today, if through Kwame, somebody doesn’t get a change of mind and the person goes back and something happens, Kwame I want you to know that that person’s soul, God will ask you”.

He said Ofori is acting directly opposite what he told him as his spiritual brother because all of a sudden he is allowing himself.

“All of a sudden you have allowed yourself and look at what people are doing to you and look at what people are saying to you on radio. You are a man of God they cannot talk to you like that. There is something wrong somewhere”.

According to Lord Kenya he has been defending Ofori Amponsah in the media and everywhere but when he released his new Highlife song, he has been trying to reach Ofori but for some reasons Ofori has refused to pick his calls.

Lord also warned Ofori that he and others Christian brothers who have been with Ofori since he started doing the work of God would not allow some evil forces to take Ofori Amponsah back to the world.

“Enough is enough! They are talking and they are saying too much. It’s time for you to go back to room, look for somewhere, go to Akyia mountains or somewhere quiet and speak to your God because your God is capable of saving you to do His work. Don’t listen to what some people are telling you”, Lord Kenya emphasized.

Reacting to Lord Kenya’s passionate appeal, Ofori Amponsah who was live in the studios of Peace FM thanked Lord Kenya and promised to contact him for further discussions between the two of them and possibly get spiritual advice from him.

He however, pointed out that since Lord Kenya is his spiritual bother, he would have preferred if he spoke to him personally than rather coming on radio because not everything can be discussed on radio.

Listen to Lord Kenya’s full warning below:


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