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Following an outage that disrupted internet services in parts of West Africa since March 14, 2024, MainOne, a leading provider of undersea fibre optic internet connectivity, has announced the successful completion of repairs to its submarine cable.

The outage, which also affected other subsea communication cables in the region, caused significant disruptions to banking and telecommunication services in countries such as Ghana and Nigeria.

In a statement released on Friday, MainOne, a subsidiary of Equinix, confirmed the repairs and their commitment to maintaining the integrity of the crucial infrastructure.

“Working closely with regional partners, maintenance providers, vessel owners, and permitting authorities, MainOne completed the necessary repairs to its submarine cable system, thanks to the diligent efforts of all stakeholders and has resumed regular operations with the utmost integrity of its submarine cable,” the statement said reported by

“During this period, MainOne provided restoration capacity and rerouted traffic on its network to minimize the impact on its customers”.

MainOne acknowledged the efforts of all involved in the swift resolution, including partners, vessel owners, and permitting authorities. The company also expressed their gratitude to customers for their patience during the outage.

“We are immensely grateful for the support and collaboration of our partners, the patience of our valued customers, and the unwavering commitment of our team during this outage,” said Funke Opeke, Managing Director of MainOne.

It said the successful repair of its submarine cable signified the company’s dedication to its customers and their commitment to fostering West Africa’s digital transformation.


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