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In an interview with The Roots Music Report, Dancehall and Reggae musician, Livingstone Etse Satekla better known as Stonebwoy said that MenzGold’s issues were not due to endorsements by celebrities.

Back in the day, MenzGold, a defunct gold dealer, recruited various Ghanaian artists and actors as brand ambassadors.

They were utilized for advertisements and other influencer activities around the nation to persuade people to invest.

While the SEC had repeatedly cautioned Ghanaians not to invest in MenzGold, they went ahead and did so.

On social media, Stonebwoy has been criticized for advocating online money scams following the MenzGold catastrophe.

Bridget Otoo questioned if Stonebwoy really loved his followers who he influenced to lose money, according to her.

The scheme’s ambassadors, however, were supported by Stonebwoy, who claimed they had no part in the scheme’s loss of property or funds.

“Big sis I think it’s very BIASED and PREJUDICED to pin The loss of lives and properties on ambassadors WHO in NO WAY RAN the said company. I know people who have lost monies and others who gained and I have personally lost very close relatives too..

Adding that “The CORE problem of the MENZGOLD SAGA has the least to do with ambassadors, pls you stand in a good position as a Media Personality to seek the reality from NAM1 And the GOVERMENT.. one Love”.


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