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“MY EX-HUSBAND IS FRUSTRATED”- Afia Schwarzenegger Speaks 

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

Controversial Radio/TV Presenter Afia Schwarzenegger has finally opened about her ex-husband and all the controversies surrounding their marriage.

Afia who has spoken to exclusively from her current base in South Africa, about the current controversy over her divorce, disclosed that her former husband Godson Boakye has being living a double life all this while and his bad deeds have caught up with him and now he is “seeing everything like a movie” because he can’t believe the sudden turn of events.

“He can’t believe this is happening to him. He is so frustrated because he committed himself and now things are not going the way he planned so now he watching everything like a movie. He thinks we acting a movie. He should think of how to prove his case in court rather than lying in the media”.

“My ex-husband Yaw Boakye went into his own house and disguised him to be his brother who is in jail, and broke into the house where I live with my kids and family and attack them with machomen and traumatized my kids in my absence. Who does that? Which right thinking human being who believes he is man will behave like this?”Afia window

Afia said her ex-husband wants to eat his cake and it. She explained that her ex-husband was exposed that he was still married to his first wife, the same time he was married to her and he lied to her that he had divorced her in London. Afia said is not interested in marriage anymore after his lies were exposed but Boakye wants to boot her out just like that.

“He sued me over the house and I countersued him too, the case is still in court so he no right to step close to that house that was why he mentioned his brother name when Police asked who he is because Yaw Boakye knows that if he is seen in that house its contempt”.

According to Afia even though she was in South Africa when the incident happened her kids and their guardian present in the house during the incident, recognized her ex-husband and she gave  evidence below which proves that he was the one.Afia husband Afia fb Afia fb2

Asked about Godson Boakye’s claims that he never married her, Afia said “That is the funniest statement I have ever heard about myself. For what reason would I lie that I am married to a man like Yaw Boakye? I don’t think I am the one who is even supposed to confirm whether I was married to him or not. You are a pressman go to my family in Ghana and ask whether I was married to him or not. You can go to media houses that I work with in Ghana and asked them how Yaw Boakye introduced himself to them”. 

Afia said whether she was married to him or not is not an issue he (Boakye) should be talking about because court would determine that. “He should talk about all his bad deeds, all his lies and all the cheating. If he really wants to talk about this in the media, he should arrange for live radio and TV coverage for the whole world to hear him and stop hiding behind some cowards who are taking peanut from him to support his double life. Why is he refusing to talk about the fact that he has four kids, why is not talking about his son in Tema that he has neglect for so long? Why has he refused to tell the media that he is not a Pastor and that he only lied. He told me all the time I was with him that he was in a bible school. When would he graduate from the bible school”?

Mr. Boakye's alleged neglected son
Mr. Boakye’s alleged neglected son
Afia Schwarzenegger and her ex-husband in Europe
Afia Schwarzenegger and her ex-husband in Europe

He said I am his tenant. Really? Then my landlord is Father Christmas because if I am your tenant why did my landlord buy me ring and wedding gown, why would my landlord give me power of attorney over his property, what was he doing with his tenant in Dubai in 2013, what were we doing in Egypt, Barcelona, in Rome, what were you doing with your tenant in Paris? Why? Does he run a charity organization, or maybe he think we were acting a movie at all those locations around the world”.

Speaking about the current situation in her absence and how safe her kids are, Afia who is still in South Africa said the police have taken over the case, they have made some arrests and provided extra Police at the house and in the area so her family is safe.

Afia is supposed to stay in the house until the case it settled, but she however disclosed to she acquired a new house even before she left Ghana and she was planning on moving to her new house when she returns but because of what is going on,she will keep staying in that house until the court case is over.

“I want to show Yaw Boakye that there are laws in Ghana. You can’t just take someone’s daughter and dispose her off like trash. I am doing this for every Ghanaian girl that guys think they can come from abroad to play with their emotions, use them , take whatever you can take and just leave them. I want every Ghanaian girl to know you have so much right”.

The case is currently at an Accra High court and it has been adjourned to October 12, 2016.

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