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Shatta Wale’s mother continues to drag her son’s name to the mud as she laments over how the Dancehall singer has abandoned her to suffer at this stage of her life after all the sacrifices she has made for him as a mother.

Shatta Wale has made a series of appeals to Ghanaians to come to her aid as she does not have a place to lay her head after her rent expired and her landlord ejected her for failure to renew her rent.

She lamented that Shatta Wale rides aboard a private plane while she is dying of hunger.  Shatta Wale’s mother had complained to HotFM about her son’s mistreatment.

In a new audio clip, Shatta Mama explains her son’s recent misbehavior and her frustration.

“I am Shatta’s mother. I had him in the Police Hospital and suffered much. It was 13 months and 9 days before I gave birth. My hospital costs were covered.

“I had him circumcised and paid for it. I was the only one who raised my kid. I stood by him while he was Bandana. I was his support even when he couldn’t compose music for a decade. It was all mine. This kid is my womb. I nurtured him to become Shatta Wale. Shatta Wale, who promised to help me, didn’t even accompany me to Kaneshie.

“Ghana, I am so hungry. I’m ravenous. Stop calling this a fad. What hysteri What do I need hype at my age? I withheld things from you for a long time. I simply haven’t been conversing. I’ve lost everything. I’m telling you the truth. Should I, at my age, return to the streets? Sleeping in buses? Shouldn’t he take care of me if things are better now?

Shatta Mama also warned her son not to force her into speaking bad of him. She spoke to her role as his mother and the ramifications of such statements.

“I am in need of aid from Ghanaians, preachers and dignitaries alike. Help me warn Shatta. I’ve remained quiet through it all. But this time I will speak out. I’ll tell it everything.

“Look at what Shatta does to me, his mother. His actions against me are justified because he arrived on Earth. But if not, the elders should counsel him. He shouldn’t make me speak.”



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