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It is an open secret that Broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah is a single mother and she has chosen to keep the circumstances under which she got pregnant as a teenager out of the public domain but there a new twist.

The cat is out of the bag now: the baby Daddy of Nana Aba Anamoah has finally shown his face—alleging that he loves his son so much but it has been impossible to be in his life, caused by Nana Aba Anamoah.

For many years, it has been circulated that the father of the outspoken Broadcaster’s son- Paa Kow is a rich politician but it has emerged that, it’s a certain Richard Brown also known as Osebo, an “Italian borga”.

Nana Aba recently posted pictures of herself and her son with a motherly caption and this has eventually revealed the identity of the father of her 18-year-old son.

Nana Aba Anamoah posted this photo of her and her son

The post has since been deleted when the boys father one Italy-based Richard Brown who claims to be the biological father of Nana Aba’s son, and no matter what the boy’s mother will say, the boy remains his blood.

Nana recently uploaded some photos of herself and her son to Instagram which was run as a story that acknowledged Nana Aba saying in an interview that she hasn’t spoken to her baby daddy in close to 16 years.

Obviously unhappy with the caption, the father revealed himself and said he loves his son very much irrespective of what picture Nana Aba is out there painting.

In response, Richard wrote: “Daddy luvs u so much my son. God knows I really do son.”

In 2016 Nana Aba revealed that she had not spoken to Paa Kow’s father in the previous 16 years.

In a series of social media conversation on his Facebook wall, the said father of Nana Aba’s son has categorically confirmed that he’s the father of Paa Kow—to the shock of some of his followers.

Last night, Richard posted another photo of Paa Kow and wrote: “U r my blood and I luv u so much no matter what my son.”

It’s being rumored that Osebo has been making efforts to see his son for some time now but Nana Aba Anamoah is preventing this from happening.

Nana Aba hasn’t reacted yet to Richard Brown’s claim, except to delete her recent post that seems to have pushed Richard Brown to come out.

According to, Richard Brown did not decide to just quit and leave his son without taking care of him but that was Nana Aba Anamoah’s decision pure and simple to cut the father off even though the son loves him very much.

According to our source, a long time ago when Paa Kow was still a child, everything was going on smoothly as the father was taking care of the kid, paying his school fees at the Silicon Valley school, taking care of him and paying occasional visits.

Things fell apart when Nana Aba Anamoah travelled to the U.K sometime and called Osebo for some money, however at that time the child’s school fees was also due and he was about to pay it.

Osebo told Nana Aba this and said that after paying the child’s fees, he would find some additional money and send to her later but that reportedly pissed off the tv host.

That was the moment she unloaded on Osebo that she does not even need anything from him and he can go to hell and should never contact either her or their son again.

Our source tells us that was the initial break between him and the son but he still made several efforts to make things right and continue to be able to take care of the son but Nana Aba rebuffed them all.

He reportedly sent gifts through two intermediaries to be given to his son, one whom Nana Aba knew who used to work at Metro TV and another friend, to be given to the child, but Anamoah reportedly got pissed off anytime she became aware of these.

Another attempt to solve the issues was when Osebo and our source and others visited Nana Aba’s home for a meeting with her parents but in full view of her parents, Nana Aba sacked them all including and she said she wasn’t interested in solving issues with him.

The father, we also learned, on a few occasions managed to find ways to communicate with the son but every time she found out she blocked his number and we’re told this was corroborated by Nana Aba herself who confessed to that when she appeared on the Delay Show.

After numerous attempts where all were cut off by the mother, Osebo felt he had no choice but to step back and that led to him missing out on his son’s life but he never stopped loving him, the source said.

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