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NO MARRIAGE IS WORTH DYING FOR – Helena Rhabbles Opens Up On Her Divorce

Veteran gospel musician Helena Rhabbles has said that no marriage is worth dying for as she speaks about her divorce with former husband.

Speaking on Adom TV’s M’ashyase3, the veteran gospel musician disclosed that her former husband who she calls Sir Rhabbles was a responsible father but she had no choice than to leave her marriage.

According to Helena Rhabbles, she left her marriage because she suffered series of verbal abuse from her former husband which affected her mentally.

“When you are with a man who always abuses you, it will not encourage you to stay. Considering where I was coming from and my upbringing, it was not a healthy environment.

“I was raised in a home where there were no insults. Even if you act stubborn, my mum had her own way to punish you without making third parties aware and that was what I know so it broke me, ” she told Afia Amankwa Tamakloe.

The musician, born Helena Mends, emphasised no marriage is worth dying for.

“You may want to stay because of the children but make sure you do not die and leave the children. I lived and I’m still leaving. I am happy and have not remarried since 1995,” she advised.

When asked if there will be any form of reunion between herself and former husband, Helena Rhabbles disclosed that they have come too far to remarry but they have a cordial relationship because of their three children.

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