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Although all seems to be calm on the movie front and the spirit of togetherness has become even stronger, once in a while, something happens to stir the waters, the most recent feud being what erupted between Moesha Buduong and Efia Odo.

While the details are not fully clear, Moesha did not take kindly to what she said were lies peddled by Efia Odo against her and responded on Instagram in a post that sought to ‘expose’ the latter’s secret, and a lot of nasty things were written.

For Moesha, what has transpired, not only with her but over the years, can be attributed to too much disrespect in the movie industry.

According to her, when you don’t show off what you have, people take it that there’s nothing happening in your life so your colleagues disrespect you.

“The disrespect is just too much. People disrespect me for no reason. In the movie industry, it is there; the fact that you don’t show off your achievements makes others think that they are better than you and can throw ‘shade’ the least chance they get.

“The truth is that I have a lot of things to my name. These fights and bickering are not healthy for us. The industry is small and instead of us loving one another, encouraging and being there for one another, we gossip, disrespect and laugh at other’s misfortune,” she told Showbiz.

Was this the reason why she showed off her five-bedroom apartment, located at Adjiringanor, one of the expensive suburbs in Accra, on social media some days ago?

According to the Akwaaba actress, it was. “I showed that building so that people and my colleagues will know that I am working and they should not believe any news peddled on social media.

“I do not do open up about my business and the fact that I do not put pictures up does not mean I am not smart or intelligent. They think I am dumb but I am not.

“I have lots of investments and I’m doing great things for myself. I know where I come from. It is a humble beginning and I know where I am going. So far, God has been faithful,” she said.

On whether she was building the house with her own money, Moesha laughed and said, “I do not want to go into details but yes, it is.”

For Moesha, her way of dealing with the disrespect she has endured is to just be silent. “I keep quiet. I usually do not talk or confront them because people will always talk, no matter what you do.

“For me, the most vital thing is that I am living my best life and I am happy where I am,” she stated.

Speaking on what really ensued between her and Efia Odo, she said: “I do not really want to dwell on it. I would rather channel my energy into the various projects I have under my sleeves but I will say she disrespected me.”

Moesha had a word for her colleagues: “Love is all we need, and there is no point in painting one black to look or feel good. No one will come from elsewhere and do it for us; we have to and must do it ourselves.

“No matter what it is, let us respect everyone’s hustle; it doesn’t hurt to do that.”

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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