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Reggie and Bollie -2

Reggie Zippy and Bollie have been living in UK for some time now, but little was known about what they have being doing out there, until they were seen on X- Factor stage.

Their participation in the music competition has revealed a lot of things about them that perhaps their fans in Ghana might never know.

It has been revealed that they are both married with kids back in the UK. Reggie Zippy known for his hit songs ‘Virgin’ and ‘Adoma’ is married to a Ghanaian lady and they have three kids together while Bollie of “U May Kiss the Bride” family is married to a white lady with step son and 2 months old baby girl.

Two Ghanaian musicians Reggie N Bollie currently making it big in ongoing X Factor 2015 had the biggest surprise in the X Factor house.

The duo is still in the race as part of the top 3 groups for the ultimate price and they were surprised with their families who have been watching them from home on TV.

Reggie’s wife, his three kids (two boys and one girl) and another family member visited him and he described the surprise as “Wicked surprise”. “Our families are in the house and It got us all emotional. It is a wicked surprise. Everything we do is just about transforming their lives and give them the life that we haven’t had”, Reggie stated.Reggie and wife   Bollie on the other hand was surprised with his wife, his step son and little daughter.

 “It was lovely to see my wife, my little step son and little two month old daughter”.

Bollie’s step son had these encouraging words for his stepfather.

“Daddy I’m very proud of you and want you to go all the way to X Factor finals”.

Bollie and family 2

Bollie and family

Bollie and son Bollie and wife



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