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It started with a comment Shatta Wale made at his “Freedom Wave” concert inside the Accra Sports Stadium on Christmas day. Then there were several reactions from some Nigerian celebrities who obviously were not happy about Shatta’s statement.

It has now narrowed down to Grammy Award-winning Nigerian Singer, Burnaboy and Ghana’s Dancehall King, Shatta Wale. The two have being exchanging words and threatening each other on social media.

Nigerian musician, Burna Boy, wrapped up his 2021 with a call on Shatta Wale to publicly face him if he has any personal issues to settle with him. The Grammy award-winning artiste boldly stated that he is ever ready to fight Shatta who at the tail end of 2021 rained insults on Nigerian artistes for being ‘ungrateful’.

Shatta in his Twitter rants teased that songs from Nigerian artistes are “one way” and overrated.

“One way music melody..u deh take disturb man for Ghana. I can boldly tell you Naija ppl… your artiste all sound the same.. One way style. I have nothing to lose Baba,” he wrote.

His comments come after he called their artistes “stupid” during his performance at the Freedom Concert on December 25. Burna Boy is the latest Nigerian artiste to openly respond to Shatta Wale and other Ghanaian artistes including Stonebwoy and Jupitar who have indicated that people from his country haven’t reciprocated the love shown them by Ghanaians.

“Pushing this agenda of separation between our beautiful African nations is a grave disservice to the generations coming after us, and it goes against everything I stand for as a man and as an unapologetic pan Africanist. Therefore if Shatta or anyone has a personal problem with me. I’m still open to fight 1 on 1 and squash it after, the same way I’ve always been nobody will ruin the unity we continuously try to build for a stronger and better Africa.”

Shatta Wale, has accepted Burna Boy’s one-on-one challenge, as he announced the venue for the face-off.

Taking to his Twitter page on Saturday, the rapper wrote, “Oh @burnaboy says he want a one on one. Ok let’s do this Accra sports stadium.

“I just call shots. If you be man, don’t come sing your song, let’s do freestyle! Ghana – Nigeria. I’m f*cken ready for this.

“I double dare you @burnaboy , Infact I 10x dare you.This no be fight, just lyrical. Like you go stop sing! #lyricalchampion

“Don’t let anyone tell you I want to use you for hype cause you know money hasn’t been a problem from day one I met you! Don’t forget yourself so soon!” (sic).

The fight between Ghanaian rapper, Shatta Wale, and Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, has gotten messier as the rapper has dragged the singer’s parents into it.

Burna Boy had earlier vowed to make Shatta Wale’s life a living hell as he insisted on a physical combat between them.

In response, Shatta Wale noted that he has respect for Burna Boy’s mum, who also doubled as his manager.

He noted that Burna Boy was lucky because of the respect as he warned the Nigerian singer against coming to Ghana.

Shatta Wale added, “You lucky I respect your mother like I go say your mother waaaaaaa. See what fame did to you.

“Your boy, Shalala, knows how much I have spent on you for seven months. I no go beat u, I go break your neck. Don’t come to Ghana. You called for this. Don’t call the police when you step into Ghana.” (sic)

The “Freedom” hitmaker also threw a shade on Burna Boy’s mum, as he noted that he ran his career on his own.

Shatta Wale tweeted, “Remember my mother doesn’t control my career. I run my own shit street way.

“So if your mother dey watch you diss me today and she go forgot I saved your ass up when police was all over you in naija. Then she toooo dierrr. No wonder I don’t know your father.

“I don’t think you really got father training. You are hiding your father from everyone because you said you don’t want people to know he is a fitter.

“When you were on the run, who hosted you and your mother and your ashawo South African girlfriend?”

Before Shatta Wale and Burna Boys relationship went sour, the Nigerian artiste was featured on his 2017 hit single ‘Hosanna’.


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