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SHUT UP! WHERE WERE YOU WHEN YOUR SON WAS JAILED? – Afia Schwarzenegger Rebukes Shatta Wale’s Mother

Afia Schwarzenegger has joined the ongoing dispute between Shatta Wale and his mother, Madam Elsie Avemegah.

Her remarks come after a video went viral featuring Shatta Wale’s mother expressing her feelings of being neglected by her son for over ten years.

Shatta Wale’s mother’s complaint has ignited a big discussion on social media, with numerous people condemning the dancehall artist for reportedly ignoring his family duties to live a luxurious life.

Nonetheless, Afia Schwarzenegger has adopted a contrasting position.

During a heated TikTok livestream, Afia Schwarzenegger harshly condemned Shatta Wale’s mother, claiming she is self-centered and covetous, implying she has failed to assist her son during his most trying times.

“When Shatta Wale was arrested, where was his mother? When Shatta Wale was jailed along with Medikal two years ago, where was his mother? Madam get out of here. Just get out of here. It’s not just Shatta Wale’s mother but other mothers are doing this to their children. Mothers are putting chains on their children’s necks and dragging them. Why? Why?

“People come from prominent homes but leave their parents to live with friends because of what their parents take them through. After breaking the relationship you have with your children, you run to us on social media for what?” Afia remarked, visibly upset.

“It is only when she needs something that she knows Shatta but when he needs love, she is nowhere to be found. He is not your banker. Mothers, we are not your bankers!” she fumed.

Afia stressed that having a distant relationship with her mother doesn’t excuse sharing personal issues on social media.

“Mothers these days lead their children to sin by bombarding them with unnecessary demands. On a normal day, if you see me lambasting my mother, you will be scared. If you see me being strict on my mother and disciplining her, you will be scared, but that doesn’t mean she should set a camera in front of her and drag me all over social media. Leave children to be children,” she added.

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