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Trolling on social media is gaining prominence every day and no one is spared. And one celebrity, who has consistently been trolled for either her physical attributes, a comment she made or clothes she wore, is actress and socialite, Moesha Buduong.

She has been accused of having a fake body, bleaching among others, but she tells Showbiz she remains unfazed.

“When it comes to social media trolling, I think I will be right to say that I have been trolled more than any female actress in the showbiz industry but I don’t allow that to get to me.

“It makes me strong instead and the reason is simple; if I break down, my dreams will not be accomplished. Again, there is more to come so if I don’t stand strong to face all these, what will I do when I progress ? I have toughened up and I laugh over it whenever I see something like that being done to me.

“I sometimes get friends sending me such messages and comments but we just laugh over them. See, I have my eye on the prize and that is the most important thing for me now.

“I want to go much higher in my acting career and with my philanthropic deeds so these things are just normal to me,” she told Showbiz.

Although she is strong, Moesha admits that she has moments when she feels down. “I am human and cannot say it is not blood that flows through me, I have had my down times where things got to me.

“About four years ago, when things like this happened, I would stay indoors because I did not know the industry I had gotten myself into and did not understand how things operated but with time, I realised cyber bullying and trolling comes with the job,” she said.

She also stressed that trolling was not a good thing and should not be encouraged. “It is not good to do that to people. A lot of people go through depression because of these things.

“It should not be accepted in the world we live in. Words are powerful and can cause a lot of damage if not handled well.

“Just look at what happened during the recent Shatta Wale and Sarkodie ‘beef’; I was mocked for something I knew nothing about. A friend sent a tweet to me and I laughed at it because I am not on Twitter.

“I am also not on Facebook so it was quite interesting that someone had to do that just to make fun of me, but hey, it comes with the job,” she said.

Moesha, who is currently undertaking a women empowerment initiative under her Moesha Foundation, hinted that the foundation was set to enrol six ladies into either make-up or hair dressing training.

“Under my foundation, we are working on taking needy girls off the street. Currently, we have made the girls who are vying for the spots to send in their applications and we are yet to shortlist them,” she disclosed.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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