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Renowned Ghanaian broadcaster, Benard Avle has voiced his worries that politicians who don’t understand the value of setting an example and making sacrifices for the sake of the group are taking control of the state.

During a morning analysis on Citi FM, Avle bemoaned the widespread problem of politicians allegedly squandering public funds for their own benefit.

“We think that when we steal from the state and we build our own house and help our relatives, we don’t know we are destroying because our strength is in the collective, not in our individual brilliance. Ghanaians are the most brilliant people everywhere.”

He continued, emphasizing the failure of collective responsibility, Collectively, we are failing because we don’t understand that we have to all give to the state. But the state has been captured by politicians who don’t understand that they have to lead by example and sacrifice for us.

Avle pointed out the contrast in lifestyle between politicians and ordinary citizens.

“See how they drive, see how they live, see where they don’t even go to hospital in Ghana. Their kids don’t go to school in our schools. You get it. So there too, they are using the state for their welfare and then giving us the remnants and they expect us to be loyal to the state.”

Asserting the importance of leadership setting the right example, Avle argued, “I will always say that the leader must set the example if the leader sets the example in part, no, following the leader can punish.”

 He also questioned politicians’ financial dealings, particularly the reported large-scale payments to delegates.

He pleaded with the populace to turn down political campaign donations intended to sway their vote.

“Question them, 2 million to delegates? If I need to pay 2 million to delegates, can I change your life? When will I recoup that 2 million and delegates be collecting that money? You keep collecting it, keep collecting that money. You will see it won’t change anything in your life because all your four years, you drop it in.”

Following his comments on the CitiBreakfast show, Benard Avle’s worries about the nation’s lack of moral and responsible leadership have sparked conversations on social media.

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