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Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly known as A Plus, has justified the Special Prosecutor’s request for armoured vehicles, as contained in a 2021 application for the clearance of some vehicles.

Recently, the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP), led by Mr. Kissi Adjabeng, has been subjected to scores of backlashes online, after the said document addressed to the finance ministry, went viral.

The request for four types of armoured-plated vehicles and 12 types of soft or light-body vehicles totalled at GH₵29,952,000, were captured, among others.

Scores of netizens including the likes of Blakk Rasta, have since kicked against the request, describing it as insane and insensitive.

However, A Plus has argued that an armoured vehicle is an essential requirement for the Special Prosecutor, who has encountered a series of assassination attempts.

“You want to assassinate someone. You have made five attempts on his life this year alone, but you are angry he has requested bulletproof cars which is a requirement under the law that set up his office.
Did the special prosecutor set up the OSP? Should I release the photos of all the attempts or you’ll shut up over there and allow the man to do his job? Like, he should avail himself for k!ln abi? I’m surprised he didn’t even request for bulletproof bulldozers. You have children but everyday you want to k!l somebody. If you like, ask police to invite me for questioning. Like the things I’ll say ɛh! I’m calling your bluff!
And you, Samuel Bryan Buabeng, stup!d boy! They want to assassinate someone and you are there fooling!! At your age people still use you for dirty works for coins. Panyintoto! Tintinto! ofui! gyimigyimi! If you are a man just write Kwame A Plus on your page. See, anka, “I will touch your liver,” spirituality and physically! I want to say things that will make you angry so that you’ll call Ghana Police Service. I’ve tagged them so they have heard me. Run to them now!
I’m going to tell Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to advice you if he is serious about breaking 8!! Wo gyimie noa obiara ntumi nka nkyerɛ wo no. If you are a man, go on your page and just write “Kwame A Plus.” Anka wo be di WMT wɔ Ghana ha! Anka Ghana will turn upside down! Leave the OSP to do his job! Don’t try!! Don’t! Wo try a, wo bɛ brɛ! I swear to God. You have judges, we have judges, you have police we have police, you military we have military. You know national security, I know everything. A lot of people are not happy with this government and they are solidly on our side. I know this system too well.
You people did same to Charlotte Osei, you did same to Domelovo, you did same to Martin Amidu, you did same to Dr Anyah, just to mention a few, and Abdul Malik Kwaku Barko ooo sɛ Kwaku One ☝🏾🙄 too, papa panyin like you, you were our childhood icon. When people are fooling you will make your mouth like fence and will be there giving backup for the obvious!
All of you should go and 4ck yourselves. Me I no dey see any of you ooo. If you like, let’s all sleep today and wake up tomorrow in peace. Mboa!!”

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