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WE DON’T DEPEND ON MEN TO PAY OUR RENT –Jasmine Baroudi & Jessica Williams

Several Ghanaian female celebrities agreed to Moesha Boduong‘s revelation on CNN that due to the nature of the country’s economy, they ought to have someone to support their needs but others also vehemently condemned her for involving all Ghanaian women.

The actress and photo model told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour she sleeps with a married man primarily to pay for her apartment and other stuff.

But, Ghanaian actresses, Jasmine Baroudi and Jessica Williams have expressed complete disapproval of how most women depend on other men to survive.

In an interview with Mikki Osei Berko on After Hours on TV3, the two actresses disclosed that they are self-dependent and hardworking ladies so don’t see the need to seek for financial support from men to pay for their rent.

“We work hard for our money and the proceeds from our job is what we use to pay for our rent. Even if that’s how Moesha is, she shouldn’t have generalized it.”

Jessica Williams is a Ghanaian actress and model known for her roles in popular television series, “living with Trisha”, “Charade” and also featured in Rape Case, Prince Sam, among other movies.

She also appeared in he video for Bisa KDei’s Odo Carpenter and featured for commercials including CocaCola, Yazz, and Fiesta Condoms. Her father was a former movie producer called Alexiboat now into printing press production.

Jessica is also known for her 2015 statement about not going nude in movies even for a Hollywood movie or $1 million.

Jasmine Jamila Baroudi is a Ghanaian actress. Jasmine Baroudi is famous for her roles in series/movies including Adam’s Apple, Peep, V – Republic, Desperations, Contract, I Do and Inception. She has in the past been romantically linked with TV and Radio presenter, Benny Blanco.

The actress is married to fitness trainer-Williams Ofori Attah, popular on Instagram with the handle ‘Flashkickk’ and they were recently blessed with a baby.

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