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Playwright and CEO of Image Bureau, George Quaye has voiced his dissatisfaction with Ghana’s dominant mindset about the arts.

In an interview with Andy Dosty for Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz Show, he said that the nation wasn’t doing enough to support and promote the arts sector.

Regarding the incident in which the National Math and Science Quiz (NSMQ) head quiz master made some obscene remarks regarding schools “singing and dancing,” George Quaye lamented the tendency for people to minimise or disregard creative contributions.

“We sit in a country where someone who is science and arts-biased will sit down and spit at the arts and when somebody complains, everybody says, “It’s ok, the person didn’t mean it that way; what are you talking about? What have math and science done for this country?” he said.

He mentioned conversations about Nigerian artists like Burna Boy and Davido as instances of the influence of such support on the perceptions of the nation, referencing the way Nigerians have a tendency to get together and love their arts.

“These conversations go beyond Hiplife, they go to the very fabric of who we are and how we never stand together. Do you think these Burna Boy and Davido conversations just happened out of a vacuum?

“Their people realised that, geographically, the perceptions people have about them are not good; if they were going to change that perception, it was through the arts,” he said.

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