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“WHY DON’T YOU BRING YOUR SISTERS TO FIND OUT?” – Bisa Kdei Reacts To Allegation That He Is ‘Gay’

Ghanaian Highlife musician and producer, Bisa Kdei has shut down claims that suggests that he is not straight but a gay.

A Twitter user known as Globecalls posted an allegation by Arrogant Prick Bisa Kdei is gay but the singer vehemently rubbished it.

Bisa Kdei has hilariously reacted to the post and in effect taken wind out of the sails of Arrogant Prick’s allegation that he is gay which was carried by

In a retweet, Bisa Kdei said the blogger or whoever made the comments should bring his or her sisters so they can determine by themselves whether truly he is into men or into women.



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