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YOU’RE DESPERATE FOR POWER! – Blakk Rasta Slams Bawumia Over Promise To Make NSS Optional

Ghanaian media personality cum musician Blakk Rasta has descended on Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia after he promised to make National Service optional for graduates from the various tertiary institutions if elected president.

He argues that National Service is vital to the nation because it allows graduates to gain work experience that will help them in their post-service job search.

He went on to say that although graduates aren’t able to teach in some Ghanaian rural areas, they can do it through the National Service program, which allows the students to learn from their surroundings as well.

Speaking on the UrbanBlend program that GhanaWeb is watching, Blakk Rasta angrily declared that Dr. Bawumia’s pledge to make National Service optional is a last-ditch effort to seize power and cautioned him against it.

“People are posted from Accra. They go to Salaga; they go to areas where there’s no electricity, areas where they can’t even find proper drinking water until they walk several miles. These are the same graduates who will return and get into politics. When they get into that, at least they have seen firsthand what suffering other communities are going through. Again. It’s a way of giving back to the nation.

“And if a man who is hungry for power, desperate for power, is in the National Service, you are going to scrape it and it’s going to be optional. These are not patriots; these are malicious comedians. They are ready to destroy this nation to bring it down. How can you say this? May I ask, can we find out if Bawumia himself did National Service or not?” he quizzed.

It will be recalled that during the New Chapter address delivered by Dr. Bawumia on his vision for the nation, he stated that he intends to make National Service optional should he be elected president of Ghana.


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