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The radio and television celebrity Vim Lady, whose real name is Afia Pokua, has expressed concern that the administration isn’t upholding its objectives.

She found it disappointing that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo had admitted that the nation’s economy was in trouble because of the waste in the system that was growing right in front of his eyes.

Vim Lady claims that despite the government’s exhortations for austerity, Ghanaians are still living in affluence as seen by the President’s recent visits.

She was surprised that the government of a country seeking assistance from the IMF would continue to live in opulence while its citizens perished from starvation.

Since the Vim lady is of the opinion that “charity starts at home,” she thinks it’s crucial that the President announce cutbacks in the White House.

“When Mahama was in power, money liked noise but under Akufo-Addo they say money does not like noise. I’ve been told that the hardship is global. You compare yourselves to the leadership in the United Kingdom and other advanced worlds. These leaders use trains and buses as means of transport whiles you rest comfortably in your V8.

“You say we should buy Diesel at Ghc23 and Petrol at Ghc18 but you are not tightening your belt. You’re using a V8, you are chilling. You are not proving to the people that times are hard. I keep saying that the People around the President are failing him.

“They are endangering the life of the President because someone may pelt him stones on one of his tours. It’s annoying that we are buying fuel at exorbitant prices whiles the President travels with a long convoy on our expenses.”.

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