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The Ghana Police Service has opened applications for eligible Ghanaians to apply to join the service.

The Ghana Police Service forms will be out from Monday, August 30 to Friday, September 10, 2021.

The Ghana Police Service online portal will be opened for registration from Monday, August 30 to Friday, September 10, 2021.

The Ghana Police Service has announced its recruitment schedule and this is how you can apply to enter into service. But first, you need to meet the eligibility criteria

Ghana Police Service Eligibility – Applicant

Before you can join the Ghana Police Service or even thick of applying, you need to ensure that you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must be Ghanaian by birth
  • Must be a Ghanaian between the ages of 18 and 25 by April 1, 2021, with a height of 173cm or 5.8ft for men and 165cm or 5.4ft for women.
  • Must have the necessary educational qualifications as determined by the Ghana Police Service’s Appointment and Promotion Advisory Board.
  • Applicants must have a clean criminal record.
  • By police standards, you must be medically fit.
  • You must have a good character.
  • Be able to speak and write English fluently.
  • Know how to use basic computer applications.
  • You must have an active e-mail account as well as a mobile phone number.
  • Prepare to go through basic police training as well as other types of training.

Step By Step Guide On How To Apply For The Ghana Police Service 2021

  • Purchase of an e-voucher (You can buy your Ghana Police Service 2021 e-voucher from any GCBBank brank nationwide)
  • For Ghana police recruitment forms, go to the e-services online portal.
  • Enter the serial number and pin from the purchased voucher and confirm that they are yours.
  • You must first thoroughly read the entry requirements.
  • You must then have your official name, date of birth, height, active email address, and mobile phone number on hand to use for the application.
  • Finally, you must have your passport size photograph of 200180 pixels dimension in JPEG/JPG format with a size not exceeding 2.0 MB ready to be uploaded.
  • Examine your Ghana police service application
  • Please submit your application.
  1. Applicants who meet the initial requirements will be shortlisted and invited to centres of their choice for further processing after submitting an online application.
  2. Body examination and selection should take place at recruitment centres. b. Examining and inspecting academic and personal papers
  3. Candidates who pass [2] above will be required to take an aptitude test.
  4. Candidates who pass the aptitude test will be subjected to a thorough criminal and background investigation.
  5. The successful applicants will then be subjected to a medical examination.
  6. The process concludes with an invitation to begin training.

NOTE: Only shortlisted candidates who meet the requirements will be considered for entry into the Gha Police Service.

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Deadline

The deadline for the Ghana Police Service Recruitment is Friday, September 10, 2021. Interested candidate can start their application from Monday, August 30 when the online portal for recruitment is opened.

How And Where To Purchase Ghana Police Service Recruitment Forms

Below is the guide on how to buy or purchase Ghana Police Service Recruitment Forms 2021:

  • Payment for the application will be made via Mobile Money transfer and voucher purchase at GCB Bank.
  • The purchased Voucher includes a Serial Number and a Code (PIN) that is unique to the applicant. The only way to access the online Application Form is to enter the Serial Number and PIN, as well as the applicant’s phone number. Keep the Voucher safe because it will be required to inform the activities of the application process, even if an applicant is successful in the first stages.

Ghana Police Service Forms 2021 Out

When will the Ghana Police Service recruitment forms be out?

The Ghana Police Service recruitment forms will be out from Monday, August 30 to Friday, September 10, 2021.

The Ghana Police Service online portal will be opened for registration from Monday, August 30 to Friday, September 10, 2021.

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