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Ghanaian TikTok star has disclosed that she has plans of fixing her teeth.

The 22-year-old who is a third-year Political Science student at the University of Ghana is currently the most followed Ghanaian on TikTok with over 2.7 million followers. Erkua shot to fame with her funny videos that come with her unique facial expressions.

However, Erkua’s teeth which come as one of her unique physical features that contribute to making her facial expressions attractive may undergo a “correction” procedure very soon – she disclosed this on the Delay Show.

The two were speaking about Ghanaian blogger, Zion Felix, who described Erkuah’s teeth as deformity.

According to the TikToker, “I don’t know his definition of deformity and I don’t know where he got his source from so I wouldn’t say my teeth are deformed”.

She continued that “my teeth is not deformed and because I think if you understand the word deformity, you wouldn’t even use it”.

Delay asked Erkuah, whose real name is Janet Ofei, if the comments about her teeth have forced her to think of fxing them and she said “no”. The TV host further quizzed “has it crossed your mind?” and she replied, “it has crossed my mind”.

The 22-year-old explained that “it doesn’t bother me but you see as a person, you may have flaws so for me, I have been thinking about fixing my teeth for a long time by wearing braces“. Asked why, she replied, “you see my teeth are raised a bit”.

Delay disagreed and said “I think you have beautiful teeth but you say it has come out, does it mean it worrying you?” but she replied that “it is not that it is worrying me but what I am trying to say is that it is something I should have done a long time ago”.

During the interview, she continued that “even my brother was like hw will do it for me but I was telling him I didn’t want it because I just want to be done with school, let settle down then at least I get it done”.

“My teeth is beautiful for me but everything needs correction so it’s not that it’s not nice to me but there are somethings you just need to correct it so it doesn’t get out of hand,” the famed TikToker said in the video below.

Watch the video below:


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